Ozaukee County Is Generally Safe

Attorney Stan Lind, Chief Judge of Ozaukee County--Paul Malloy, and Tim Carr
According to Judge Malloy, "Ozaukee County is known as risky among drug dealers as the place you don't want to get caught selling drugs because you will do time."  The judge spends about sixty-five percent of his time on criminal cases.  Heroin usage and opiate addiction is up.  Some users buy in Milwaukee and can't wait to inject before they return to the county.  When they are caught, they face withdrawal in the county jail.
The judge had some advice for club members:
  • Don't leave a purse in the car.
  • Zip up your purse while shopping in stores.
  • Don't carry a gun if you have been drinking, even if you have a permit.
  • Avoid legalizing marijuana as it is the entry way to drugs.
Court costs and keeping inmates in jail is getting more and more expensive.  In 2005 the expense of prisons exceeded the costs of the UW system.
On a more positive note, the judge also performs weddings and adoption proceedings.